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You deserve to be pampered and healed! The only way you can move into your greatest potential and help others is by being whole yourself. I hope to create the perfect environment for relaxing, creating, healing and doing magic with you!

Energy, Vibration, Frequency, Life!


What is this all about?

Greetings... I’m Kathleen Exar and I am excited to welcome you to my magical musing site and provide you an online shopping experience that will support all your desires, from alternative and magical services as well as to my magic savings Shop direct to Amazon.. This site reflects my own interests in Alternative Healing, Usui Reiki, Kundalini Yoga & Chakra Frequency Tuning. I am also a White Witch and find it wonderful to be working with Guides and the Angelic and Faerie Realms. This site also has links below each page to my Facebook page, where you will find my free online live give-aways and community page. I hope you will check out my healing and magical services link BELOW and join me as we journey toward higher consciousness. Blessed Be...

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What  modality is used by Tune In Healing?

Everything Vibrates! Everything is frequency!  In this section we will start a discussion of energy systems of the human body, chakras, Reiki, energetic healing with sound, color, and frequency. massage with sound and tuning forks. My interests also include hot stone and crystal healing as well as chakra clearing and massage. I am a Reiki Practitioner, Kundalini Yoga Practioner and Kundalini Reiki Practioner as well. I use mindfulnesss,EFT Tapping techniques and have been inspired by the writings of Esther Hicks  and ABRAHAM. In the Law Of Attraction.Teachings as well.

When you are in optimal health, you vibrate as such. Your organs and energy centers have an optimal frequency they vibrate at when healthy and vibrant! Your frequency can be tuned by breathwork, yoga, sound and tone, mudra, various massage and hot stone techniques. Therapeutic Tuning Forks can balance and align your frequencies and Reiki Adjustments can heal you in person or through distance; back through the past, in present and for the future!

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The White Witches,The Faeries The Angels & The Guides

Once upon a time there was a place where faerie and folk met, at the crossroads, where light from the stars and sun fused with the seed growth and the birth of new life from the darkness of the depths of earth sprang forth. The faeries are the keepers and guardians of this life exchange between plants, the green to life, and life, the green returning to plants. They are the guardians of the underworld and the ancient ones, our ancestors to whom we are all connected as we trace back through time. Orion Foxwood is a master teacher on the subject and my mentor in the faerie seership program. He is a revered historian and full of the charms of the Appalachian faerie tales…Check It Out- LOOK UP ALL HIS BOOKS at my



White Witches,and  Magic

Where there is light, there is also shadow, the mystery. Contemporary magic blends with fantasy and folk or hedge witchery. Oracles, divination and the hidden are explored. Kitchen witchery recipes using color, crystal, herbal and aromatic correspondences are included. Ethics and standards reviewed. Moon magic and basic spell craft discussed. Where intention, meets action, meets emotion is the place of true magic! I am a White Witch and healer and this site is and my Facebook page is only welcome to healers and those with open and loving hearts. No dark or satanic magic of any kind is tolerated.

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 Tune In Healing Services

Reiki, Yoga, Kundalini Chakra clearing, Kundalini Reiki, Frequency Massage with Tuning Forks & Sound Therapy

Tune In Magical Services

Angel cards, Angel tarot, Animal cards, Hypno-visualization, Faerie, guide and Goddess cards. Past life regressions, ministry services  and ceremonies

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EMPA Insurance Certificate

EMPA- Energy Medicine Professional Association-Inurance/ PPK15984098 * certificate #35125

Massachusetts K-12 Teaching Liscense # 305067 / Human Performane & Fitness * Dance * Communication 

Business Certificate/ Town of Boxborough, MA, USA

Disclosure / Privacy

Ethics Statement-  I align with the code of ethics as stated by my insurance company at the Energy Medicine Professionall Association ...

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Ethics Statement- I align with the code of ethics as stated by my insurance company at the Energy Medicine Professionall Association ...

Disclosure, Privacy & Terms

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