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Angels, Faeries and White Witches... Musings

Faeries, Ancestor & Spirit Guides

Once upon a time there was a place where faerie and folk met, at the crossroads, where light from the stars and sun fused with the seed growth and the birth of new life from the darkness of the depths of earth sprang forth. The faeries are the keepers and guardians of this life exchange between plants, the green to life, and light  returning to plants. We meet at the crossroads. They are the guardians of the underworld and a link to the ancient ones, our ancestors to whom we are all connected, as we trace back through time. Orion Foxwood is a master teacher on the subject and my mentor in the faerie seership program. He is a revered historian and full of the charms of the Appalachian faerie tales…Check It Out- LOOK UP ALL HIS BOOKS on my MAGIC SAVINGS AMAZON SHOP!

White Witches & Magic

Where there is light, there is also shadow, the mystery. Contemporary magic blends with fantasy and folk or hedge witchery. Oracles, divination and the hidden are explored. Kitchen witchery recipes using color, crystal, herbal and aromatic correspondences are included. Ethics and standards for magic are reviewed. Moon magic and basic spell craft discussed. Where intention, meets action, meets emotion is the place of true magic! I am a White Witch and healer and this site and my Facebook page is only welcome to healers and those with open and loving hearts. No dark or satanic magic of any kind is tolerated.

Angels & Spirit Guides

Archangels, Angels and Guardian Angels as well as Spirit Guides are with us all the time if we ask and are quiet enough to hear the answers. They are remarkable creatures that can protect and guide you. A quiet place, perhaps with a tool such as an Angel Tarot deck to help open you to their answers is all you may need. Even if you don't have an offical 'tool' just verbally ASK for help, out loud and you will begin to develop a relationship with them more and more.  A daily check in with them, to ask to be receptive to their guidance, creates a channel for greater communication. Angels leave feathers and ring bells to get your attention! Spirit guides are teachers on the other side of the veil. They are different than ancestral and tribal family guides that walked the earth. Guides can also be an archtype created for individual growth or the idea of Divine Masculine and Feminine.

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