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Frequency & Resonance Massage with Tuning Forks

You deserve to be pampered ...     

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Payment and cancellation policy- When doing in person sessions I expect payment to be made on this site using the PayPal button for your convenience. Otherwise I will accept cash, a check or money order before the time of the session.. For long distance work over the internet , I expect payments to be made on my site using Paypal or if by check or money order, to be received prior to the session.  Please give as much notice as possible if you need to reschedule or cancel.  Cancellations should be made with in 24 hours of an appointment or 48 hours if scheduled during the weekend.  If less notice is given I expect full payment for the service. Thank you for understanding that time is an exchange of energy as well.

 Many of my clients experience increased well being and improvement in their condition.  I am not aware of any negitve side effects, only positve ones associatiated with these sessions. In no event can Tune In Healing / Kathleen Exar be held liable in anyway, directly or indirectly, for damages resulting from information or data provided or for the loss of profits through the use or misuse of said information and data, either via its use, negligence or other actions.  No emails are ever sold or shared!

● I have discussed the nature of the healing and magical services to be provided by Tune In Healing.

● I have read and understand the disclosure regarding privacy, policy and nature of the services I am purchasing

● I understand that magical services are done for entertainment purposes only and for those 18 yrs, or older, but that belief and intent can be very powerful. I also understand that Reiki and Kundalini Reiki can be administered in person or long distance at the discrimination of Kathleen Exar & Tune In Healing. For Reiki and Kundalini Yoga children under the age of 18 yrs. should have written parental permission  provided to Tune In Healing/ Kathleen Exar..

* I understand that in rare instances appointments may have to be rescheduled due to unforseen circumstances and that the first possible scheduling time will be booked.

● I understand that I am not receiving medical advice from Tune In Healing and that I will not be prescribed medication or medical services and services should in no way replace medical care from your doctor..

● I fully consent to using the services offered by Tune In Healing/ Kathleen Exar by signing below:

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I work withthe Zoom app, or messenger aps to be able to see you during one-ones. Location and phone number is also a way to "find" you through long distance healing techniques.
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Tune In Healing Services

Tune In Magical Services

To be healthy is magical ***

To be magical is healthy ***

Reiki Attunement Realms

I have been attuned to many Realms including the Anngelic, the Fae, Mermaid, Animal, Goddess and Dragon Reakms.  Each attunement comes with lineage, a guide and "chi ball" sent long distance or by person. Once attuned, you will become aligned with this energy and the strengths represented .Half hour- lineage, sent meditaionn  and Chi Ball for self journey. , One hour appoint inludes above and hypno-visualization journey with me..

Long Distance Options always available

Chakra Healing & Kundalini Yoga Privates

Kundalini Yoga brings breath exercises and kryias (sets for a particular outcome) for gentle chakra opening  ending with mindful mediation and relaxation, will be designed  to suit your energetic needs.

I can focus on your physical, mental, emotional or spiritual body using your own input, repetitive movement, finger mudras, tone, sequence and breath.

One -One with me on Zoom or FaceTime

Readings & Intuitive Mediumship/Pet Messages

For entertainment purposes by law. *18 years or older only. Select from Angel Cards, Faerie, Goddess or Druid animal & Native Animal Sspirit cards. Session can be a conbined reading from 2 decks and card layout is determined by time booked..

Session is done one on one with you on FaceTime, messenger or Zoom

.Long Distance Readings always

see options in pull down menu

Reiki Attunement Realms
Chakra Healing/ Kundalini Yoga
Animal, Mermaid, Faery, Animal & Dragon Readings

Price has changed, please inquire.

Frequency Massage with Tuning Forks & Crystals

Sound & Frequency Massage that helps to vibrate in alignment with healthy chakra frequencies thorough Tuning Forks can be combined with Reiki, Eslan Touch and Hot Stone Techniques for a delightful experience!

In person only.

Usui , Kundalini and Angelic Reiki Healing Session

A reading of your energy centers is taken using your own input and scanning., Channeling divine energetic healing through symbols and intention is done through your crown as you meditate.  A breath exercise may be given. Chakra energy centers are gently brought into gentle balance for healing and vitality. Energy will go where it is needed in only the correct amount that is healing for you.

Session is done one on one with you on FaceTime or Zoom.

Long Distance Sessions Available

Hypno-Visualization, Past Life or Akashic Record Meditation

A combination of easy prepatory breaths and stretches before a relaxing hypno-visualization

relaxes you to a point where visualizations and intentions are set and focused according to your expressed goals.

Session is on one to one with you on Facetime or Zoom.

Frequency Massage with Tuning Forks & Crystals
Kundalini, Angel & Usui Reiki Healing-(can be long distance)
Hypno- Visualization, Past Life & Akashic Records

Price has changed, please inquire.

Priestess Ministry, Ceremonies Special Events

Whether you are considering a rites of passage ceremony, a union, a spiritual committment or marking an individual achievement, I am recognized as an official Minister/Priestess and can officially help you create your personal ceremony.  I can also taylor Magick Spells designed especially around your intentionsIs! Invite me to a party and I will read for guests,  I do intuitive divination and healing in a  magical atmosphere! My  services are great for birthday parties for all ages! Seasonal celebrations can also be arranged. Prices are based on clients needs, from officiating ceremonies to help in planning them.

Consulting can be done over Zoom,  FaceTime or Messenger

Add a Mystical Dance Performance!  (price to be determined by consultation) 

3 Hour-Ceremony $180.00- 1 hr. each (Design Consultant, Ceremony/event, Card Reads for guests)

add extra time for readings too!

2 Hour -Ceremony & Design Consultant

(1 hr. each)


Travel expenses  requested

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EMPA Insurance Certificate

EMPA- Energy Medicine Professional Association Inurance/ Regulations

Disclosure/ Privacy

Ethics Statment

Ethics Statement & Terms

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Ethics Statment

Ethics Statement & Terms

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