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What modalities are used by Tune In Healing?

Everything Vibrates! Everything is frequency! In this section we will start a discussion of energy systems of the human body, chakras, Reiki, energetic healing with sound, color, and frequency. Massage with sound and tuning forks will also be discussed. My interests include hot stone and crystal healing as well as chakra clearing and massage. I am a Reiki Practitioner, Kundalini Yoga Practioner and starting my training as a Kundalini Reiki Practioner as well. I use mindfulnesss, EFT Tapping techniques and have been inspired by the writings of Esther Hicks and ABRAHAM In the Law Of Attraction Teachings as well.

When you are in optimal health, you vibrate as such. Your organs and energy centers have an optimal frequency they vibrate at when healthy and vibrant! Your frequency can be tuned by breathwork, yoga, sound and tone, mudra, various massage and hot stone techniques. Therapeutic Tuning Forks can balance and align your frequencies and Reiki and Kundalini Adjustments can heal you...

Energetic & Vibrational Healings with specially tuned tuning forks vibrating at

194 Hz. 210. 136. 141. 126. 121. 172. 528 Hz (DNA repair) resonate at optimal healing frequency bringing the body into harmony and balance. Solfeggeo & Angelic frequencies are are also used by gentle application along key centers of the body.

 Healing in person or using Reiki through distance...can move like magic through space, through the past, present and into the future!

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