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I am envisioning a  place to come for for healing on all levels. I hope to make this a spot for gathering information, seeing beauty, remembering your innocence and  a place to have fun and heal. This will be a place for Angels to gather, Guides and Faerie spirits as well, and I hope to do my  live broadcasts off my Facebook page 

How Tune In Healing Got it's Name

Being a dancer and performing artist, then performance and fitness teacher during a 44 year professional dance career has always made me aware of how to move and create energy.  

Everything vibrates! Everything is frequency! In this section we will discuss breathwork, specialized yoga kriyas for certain outcomes, meditation/ hypno-visualization techniques and mindfulness and frequency healing.

Frequency healing with sound and tuning forks are of special interest to me and I also include hot stone, crystal healing and gentle chakra balancing in my interests as well. I am a Reiki Master and encourage EFT Tapping techniques as well as affirmative thoughts as in the work of Esther Hicks and ABRAHAM..

When you are in optimal health, you vibrate as such. Your organs and energy centers have an optimal frequency they vibrate at when they are healthy and at their best! Your frequency can be tuned by breathwork, yoga, sound and tone, finger mudras and various massage and hot stone techniques. Therapeutic Tuning Forks can balance, MOVE  and align your frequencies and Reiki Adjustments can heal you in person or through distance; back through the past, in present and into the future! 

Tune in Healing uses many forms of energetic and frequency healing.

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